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Thread: Siutable scope for Hmr 40mm

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    Siutable scope for Hmr 40mm

    Hi, looking for a suitable scope to go on my Hmr...Variable, 40mm ish, Must be 25mm tube, good glass, light weight if possible and ideally short, fine duplex reticle......Max 300...What have you out there?...I am usually a meopta man though not always ...Cheers
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    Meopta meopro bud, you'll get 3-9x42 for 300 and the 4-12x50 for 350 brand new. Can't rate these scopes highly enough!!

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    Thank you everyone for your offfers and suggestions..I have taken up Glogins offer of his Minox as It seems to fit the bill...Just hoping that the glass is as good as the HG binoculars, Schott glass so all good...Cheers

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