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Thread: Scope help ?

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    Scope help ?

    I have a scope on my gun and its shooting too far to the left but wont go across any more it use to be fine is there any way to make it shoot straight ? Will the cold weather effect the gas ? Or is it broke please help

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    What scope is it? ie cheap or expensive?
    What Rifle is it on?
    Have you got decent mounts on it?
    Are they both the same way round?
    Has it been tightened correctly?
    Have the rings been tightened down correctly as well?
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    Difficult to assess without seeing it, looking at pictures or knowing a little more as others have pointed out.

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    Its only on my air rifle stoger x20 3-9 x 40 stoger scope .mounts are all same way and tightend proper it was in tne shop 3 days ago and the mounts wernt tightend up but then it was fine for a week scope cost around £100 so quite cheap i know its just for my air rifle but would still appreciate the help thanx

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    Hi Redmist

    Had a Leupold a number of years ago that did the same when I dropped it.

    Gently tap the screw adjustments firmly a few times with the rear of a screwdriver and see if it makes a difference.

    It worked for me and took some zeroing afterwards.

    All the best


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    Hi Andy, As singing stalker says it is more than likely one of those stated. If all else fails you can buy rings and mounts with ajustment screws in them which will allow you to slightly move your scope back into its normal adjustment settings.I have had a set on my .222 for about 15 years and its never lost zero. Cheers High seat

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    Most decent quality scope mounts will have adjustable left & right screws on the base of the rear scope mount to facilitate L & R correction. Might be worth investing in a set if you don't have them. Cheers,
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    before you start whacking it with a screwdriver, eliminate the problem components

    swap the mounts round front to back, keep them the same orientation i.e what points forward now should point forward when you replace them.
    mark them if you have to.

    if it is the misalignment of the mounts your problem should be either solved or reversed.

    when you replace the mounts find the centre point of adjustment by winding all the way left and then count clicks all the way right then go back left half as many clicks.

    do this on vertical and horizontal.

    re-zero and see if you can adjust point of impact.

    I had a cheap air rifle scope that just stopped adjusting on one plane.

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    I suggest you go back to the shop as you say it was fine before then. Explain it to them and see what they say.

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