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Thread: painfully slow today

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    painfully slow today

    is there a problem with the site or is it just me?

    other sites seem to load but SD is taking an awfully long time to change pages

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    I have not had any problems with the site today .

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    I see you are on plusnet and in Scotland... There have been networking issues up there today

    Plusnet Service Information

    Routing is a funny thing, if the problem exists between you and our hosts then you will see slow speeds, but other sites might be hosted elsewhere and network traffic would take a different route.

    We've just received a notification from our suppliers stating, "We are currently experiencing a Serious Incident to our network impacting broadband service across all providers in the Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Carluke & Dunfermline) area".

    As a result customers may be experiencing a loss of service. Support teams are now working to understand the full impact of this incident and the measures to be put in place to restore service. Further updates will be provided once we have more information.

    Kind regards.

    Joanne Pilson
    Customer Support

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