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Thread: CZ 17HMR Silhouette Full Combo.

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    CZ 17HMR Silhouette Full Combo.

    Hiya, Up for sale is my 2008 CZ 452 .17 HMR Silhouette Rifle.

    Gun is great condition, couple of very small marks on the stock, and I mean a shoots very well, using 17gr ammo..

    It's a 16in barrel gun, with the usual synthetic stock. Bluing is in great condition too. It comes complete with a Walther 3x9x56 IR Scope, which I find very accurate, it's taken rabbits at 200 yds no problem at all.

    Also has a vgc Sak mod, ( off ticket) and an Edgar Bros tilt /swivel 9-13" bipod, and a good quality neoprene sling. All packed in a good black ( what else) gun bag.

    It has a 5 shot METAL mag as well which will go with the gun..

    If sold FTF, I have a box ( 50) plus odds of ammo that can go with the gun.

    I've had it about a year,and put about 200 rounds through it, before that, I was told about 1500 rounds had been through it,.. but, I'm getting back into my Silhouette CZ .22 again, and find the HMR lying in the cabinet more and more, tho, if it doesnt sell, it will NOT be a pain to keep it.

    All in all, a GREAT combo, at a price to sell. I'd prefer FTF, then you can try the gun out on one of my permissions. BUT, if need be, I would RFD at YOUR expense.

    I will NOT split, it has to go as a Combo, so please dont ask. as I said, if it doesnt sell, it will be kept. I just fancy moving on to a .204, but it wont be the end of the world to hold onto it..

    As per usual, you MUST hold a slot on your FAC for this gun.

    Price is £375, which I think is a fantastic price for a fantastic gun. BTW, I'm also selling a FULL LF170 lamping kit, with mounts, filters and lamp., they used to go with this gun @ £75.Incl two filters,scope and shotgun mount,and spare OEM 100W bulb.

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    Hiya, I really want this away, so, I,ll take the bipod off the gun, now planning another calibre.....and sell the setup,minus bipod for ....£325 plus rfd at your cost.

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    PM's replied to guys..

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    Hi is the setup still for ?
    Would you let this go for £300?

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