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Thread: Schwei▀hundeverein Deutschland

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    Schwei▀hundeverein Deutschland

    A few weeks ago I was asked by a member of this forum if I knew about the above organisation and if their HS's were up to scratch.

    I cleaned up my inbox too much and lost his address, hence this public mail.

    I have now received the answer from the breedmaster of the Verein Hirschmann, the German HS breed organisation. He tells me that during the reunification of Germany virtually all the members of the Schwei▀hundeverein Deutschland, the HS organisation of the former East Germany were absorbed in the Verein Hirschmann but a few stayed behind for reasons best known to themselves.

    As a result although the dogs are optically the same, the pedigrees issued by this organisation are not recognised by the ISHV, the International tracking Society nor for that matter by anybody else.

    There is also no certainty if the level of selection and thus the quality of the dogs, is as good as in the past.

    Hope this helps.

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    thanks for clearing that up Baron
    do the the german kennel club recnognise the paperwork issued by the schweisshundeverein ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by upscuttled View Post
    thanks for clearing that up Baron
    do the the german kennel club recnognise the paperwork issued by the schweisshundeverein ?
    With a probability boardering on certainty I would say no. If the German KC recognised them they would have to issue pedigrees and these in turn would have to be recognised by the ISHV.

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    This is getting confusing
    I as hoping to register my HS with the German KC
    so i could register her, here,in Ireland
    I have been in contact with the German KC already
    I ll get more info on this hopefully from them

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    As I mentioned earlier I have been told that a pedigree from the Schweisshundeverein Deutschland is not recognised by anybody. Therefor the German Kennel Club will not issue an export pedigree and without an export pedigree you cannot register your dog in Ireland.

    If this is correct and I am pretty certain it is you have in fact a dog without papers.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

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    Thats disapointing Baron
    thanks for your help anyway

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    I think the Deutscher Schweisshunden Verband is giving pedigrees from , yes , the CANINA FCI papers , please send me a copy on my pm i will look for i . Saw last weekend a simular case here in Belgium with an BHM ;
    The German " Jagdgebrauchshundenverrein " do not recognice any pedigree with the Canina logo on . There was a warning a few treds ago .

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