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Thread: Hungarian wire haired vizla dog

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    Hungarian wire haired vizla dog

    I have decided to part with my wire haired vizla dog
    Bought him around 15 months ago to train as a stalking dog,
    He has been in the garden dog run with my spaniel since then and to be honest I have done nothing with him at all.
    He is a full pedigree and is kc registered and has just the best temperament just wants to be around you all the time.
    The price is 300 as cost is not that important but his new home is .
    Will be very picky where he goes as myself and my wife love him very much ,but he is just wasted and needs to be out in the countryside working deer or being shot over.
    He as no faults what so ever so would like him to go to a family working home.
    Please pm me if you are interested and I will email you pictures but be aware I will not let him go unless am happy he is going to a good home.
    Thx mark.....

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    Please PM me his pedigree and some photos if possible.
    Please look at my gallery.
    Where about are you?



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    Please PM me, I have a working Lab who also is a pet,
    I have heard wired haired visla's are very good and steady and would be an asset to both the shoots I am involved with!
    It would be kept inside!
    Thanks Bill

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    Hi mark
    How old is he now ?

    Cheers Matt.

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    [QUOTE=6.5/284matt;354198]Hi mark
    How old is he now ?

    Hi Mark,
    George is making himself at home with polly who has told him to leave her alone, you are not wrong he has a loverly nature!
    I will keep in touch and let you know his progress, I would be obliged if you could let me have his micro chip info and when he was last inoculated/history of Etc
    Nice meeting you, hope you do not miss him!
    Cheers Bill

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