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Thread: heavy snow in buxton, derbyshire

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    heavy snow in buxton, derbyshire

    Hi All, very heavy snow in buxton this morning almost seven inches on top of the wheelie bin, anyone esle got it bad or just us here in the peak district? happy easter everyone

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    Just a smattering in the Scottish Borders. Incredible that last week Scotland had temperature of 73 in places and last night -8 was forecast in these same areas!

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    Snowing in derby at the mo. we haven't had much but it's settling

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    Only a very light covering in chesterfield at the moment

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    you'd better get out and buy every single bottle of milk/loaf of bread/tin of absolutely everything on the shelves then quick before everyone else does!
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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    What a surprise that is...I remember sitting in a classroom at school in Buxton in the early 1960' was June & snowing like mad outside!
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    cant believe it still snowing hard outside, dug all front of house off and its two inches deep already, bacon butties nearly ready though

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    The first pic was yesterday morning and the second in the evening.We had aboot 5-6 inches but it thawed a good bit during the day but was bitterly cold last night.

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    I am sure I heard somewhere that the only 2 months of the year it has never snowed in some part of Britain are July and August...

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    White and windy with us in East Lancashire. We have had about 2 or 3 inches of snow during the night and it is still snowing (Fairly lightly) as I type this. It's fairly windy with it so some drifting is possible in the open fields so it will be interesting to see how a few of my permissions look when I feel like getting my coat on and braving the elements!

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