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Thread: Fast handling rifle

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    Fast handling rifle

    I was waiting for a bunch of beasts to come into the garden of a nearby house te other night, I had my Mannlicher Pro with me...mod, bipod etc. Now, it all seemed a bit unwealdy in the relatively confined space (max range 50m) and I came to thinking that I need something that handles more like a shotgun and will stop a beast on the spot.

    Might also see duty for boar and black bear.

    Any suggestions for rifles/calibres?

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    Well if your not going to go to a double or combination then you could try the p4 (the bottom of the two photos). I have one and it is excellent. Comes up well to the shoulder. Not everyones cup of tea no doubt.

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    Think I've seen one that may just tick the boxes.

    Weight, 7lb, 22 inch barrel, QD scope or flip up iron sights. Set trigger if required.

    7x57 rimmed for deer and anything else you care to mention, next barrel handles 16 gauge slug or shot, last barrel is either 16 gauge or has an insert .22 LR barrel that groups to an inch at 70yds.

    Handles like a shotgun!...... and its mine!

    Rgds Ian

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    Steyr Scout with long eye relief scoutscope.

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    nice looking bit of kit Ian
    but what is the scope set up for ?
    more to the point why
    i took the scope of my 30-30 and now use only open sights
    qicker to place a point of aim and still very accurate
    just wondered thats all

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    .444 Marlin should fit the bill nicely.

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    [quote="stone"]nice looking bit of kit Ian
    but what is the scope set up for ?
    more to the point why

    Scope is only really needed for night work or shots over 100 yds. Having said that, it is also an aid when shooting small vermin over 50yds.

    Otherwise, the benefit of a bare firearm is its quick handling in 'shotgun' mode. Select rifle mode and the sights automatically rise up from the rib to enable 2" groups at 100. More than enough accuracy for big game.

    Rgds Ian

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    Merkel Combi 12 over 7x57R . 2.3-7 variable Kalhes scope. Shoots slug to bullet point of aim at 50 mtrs. under 2" group with slug As Ian F said will handle any thing you will come across. Drilling or combi only way to go .

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    jagare dont forget to put it in your will for me!

    I'll leave you the Blaser if I go first!

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    Doghound, you can fondle the Merkel next time your here

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