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Thread: Old Bill

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    Old Bill

    After umming and ahhing for far too long I have decided to sell 'old bill'

    Old Bill is my BSA number 2 .22 underlever air rifle and just cannot compete with my S410 anymore.

    I reckon its from about 1938 but definitely between 1936 and 1939 and probably needs a spring and new washers but is still in full working order and totally original. The foresight is a little rusty but otherwise in great condition.

    Before I go and put him on one of the air gun sites I thought I'd give you ladies and gentlemen a chance first.

    I reckon 'Old Bill' is worth about £150 but I'm open to offers.

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    My old man has a similar model to this, its a lincoln jefferies / BSA underlever .22. It was the most accurate and deadly air rifle ive ever shot, best shot was a carrion crow at 99 paces with it. My old man shot it, i witnessed it and i think Griff was there too.

    I would hang onto it fella..

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    i bought one of these 20 years ago from a market trader for 25 quid and after putting a spring in it i sold it for £170 so your price is in my opinion very reasonable for a great rifle

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    worth more
    I just sold a Webley Mk3 for similar money

    PM ChrisC (or is it ChrisMC?)
    he was looking for old air rifles

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    Still for about £100?
    Below is a link to my website.
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