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Thread: Shooting sticks?

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    Shooting sticks?

    Are there any shooting sticks you guys would recommend? I have the bushwear tripod one but it's too much hassle and I think 2 would be easier. Or do most of you make your own?


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    I use the bushwear tripod one too i also have some home made ones neither is any easier to use i recommend practice until you can operate them easily and quickly

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    Most shooting sticks are an absolute rip off. Garden center sell green poles that do just as good if not better job once set up right. Or if you know of any hazel coppicing then get out at the end of the summer and find some straight bits to hang up somewhere dry for next year.

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    What Shooting sticks do you recommend?

    Quote Originally Posted by wildfowler.250 View Post
    Are there any shooting sticks you guys would recommend? I have the bushwear tripod one but it's too much hassle and I think 2 would be easier. Or do most of you make your own?

    Ok so tripods are much more stable shooting platform than bipods but they take a bit longer to deploy. I've had the twist lock sticks from Bushwear and they were pretty crap IMO. Then got some knoblochs from Germany. They are much better and have speedlock releases, but still take some adjusting from sitting/kneeling to standing.

    Then heard about Primos Trigger Stick Tall Tripod which with just one hand and the pull of a trigger, you can simultaneously adjust each leg of the Primos Trigger Stick™ to your desired height while supporting your rifle in the firing position. The Trigger Stick™ is a lightweight height-adjustable gun rest and optical gear mount, perfect for kneeling or standing and allows you to adjust your pan tilt and elevation while in the shooting position whilst still locking solid when you release the trigger. The Trigger Stick™ fits 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threaded fixtures for securing optical gear. Two-Piece Tri Pod Perfect for Kneeling or Sitting Adjusts from 36 ½” to 61”

    Cost £99.99 Check em out at

    I like em! Clever and quick to deploy. What's not to like?

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    Split sticks are an option - they are the perfect walking aid as being a single pole that adapts quickly to form a sturdy bipod...

    £49.95 including p&p

    Further details can be seen at Monarch Country Products - Fine apparel for country life



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    Here you are a pair of hazel sticks and a roll of,and if you leave them in the field what!

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    get used to using quad sticks and you wont look back

    Make 2 sets of Bipods using garden centre canes and inertube or marten gale rubber from equestrian shop

    Get 2 more marten gale rings and link the bottoms of the bipods together.

    Spend a bit of time practicing;
    Put the front bipod imediately behind your harris type bipod or equivelant and the rear bipod just behind the rear sling swivel, make the V at the rear minimal, the contact area is minimal so there is no advantage having them longer, this makes it easier for you to get round the rear bipod and get a good cheek weld. With a bit of practice you should be able to acheive sub 2 inch groups at 100m from the standing position with a good quality rifle and ammo (normaly a sub moa from bipod set up).


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