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Thread: Non-stalking...steelhead fishing (loads of pics)

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    Non-stalking...steelhead fishing (loads of pics)

    Here are some pics from my steelhead fishing trip last week, as requested in another thread. They are sea run rainbow trout that stay in the salt for 1 to 3 years before running back to the freshwater. We fish using brightly colored steelhead and salmon flies that we tie ourselves. All of our fish get released after a quick photo session. Sorry there are so many pics I take a lot of pictures when I do stuff like this, I tried to limit it to fish pics but threw in a couple scenery shots as well.

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    Another passion of mine...

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    Superb pics Mtlion, they are on my wish list, or should i say bucket list!
    We have the equivalent over here called the Sea Trout.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamross65 View Post

    Another passion of mine...
    Fly fishing or steel head?

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    Looks like good fun and bet they go well!!

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    Lovely fish. I have managed a few days in Alberta in the last few years - stunning area, even if the UK could fit in either state a few times over!

    Would be nice to see some pics of the flies they were caught on, or the names if possible?

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    Cracking photo's mtlion . Those steelheads sure look fit for some great sport. Do you fish with light tackle or are you geared up with some stronger equipment.
    Do some guiding myself on my local hill reservoir in the heart of Wales, flyfishing for triploid rainbows that have a main strain from America as the eggs are imported for the hatchery. Keep the pictures coming.
    ATB Gaz

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    What flies did you catch the on?

    Interested to compare them to our selection. Steelhead Fly - Dry Flies, Intruders, Spey Flies
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    Brings back the memories of Manitoba
    Cracking pics ....

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