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Thread: LEUPOLD VX-L 4.5-14 X50 BRAND NEW

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    this is a brand spanking new never been used or mounted leupold vx-l 4.5-14x50 with the boon and crockett retical.
    i bought two of these in the USA on hols one i mounted on my .243 the other i am selling. the scope comes with the bullet proof guarantee of if anything goes wrong with the scope in its life time it will be repaired or replaced free of charge.
    this scope is the one with the scallop taken out of the bottom to get a closer rifle scope marriage. i have use the one on my .243 for deer and fox , the clarity and light gathering quality is fantastic ,you will get at least 1/2-3/4 of shooting with this even when its to dark to see. on a monlight night you dont even need a lamp to see the fox.
    using the reticle system i have take a fox out to 450m ,choose the right retical line and aimed spot on it's that easy.i have seen this scope for sale in uk at 690
    as said this is brand new ready to be delivered scope its in the UK and will be delivered within 24hrs of money recived it will be sent fully insured... 515 ONO
    if you have any questions please ring 07772572150 or for some pic's...neil

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