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Thread: Fox pro - field test

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    Fox pro - field test

    Hi Guys

    Had the chance to have a good try out of the calls on my recent purchase the Fox pro Fury

    The best result / sounding one last night post the 3 hr down pour was definitely the Field mouse distress call without a shadow of a doubt.

    First client came in like a racing demon - muted the sound and he stopped bang in front of me looking for the sound that was placed 60 yds to my right didn't even look around to where I was in a hide. completely focused on the foxpro

    Clients 2,3 and 4 came in over a further two hours to the self same call. run for 10 mins then 10 mins break

    3 Dog foxes and a tiny tiny barren Vixen.

    The reaction to the caller by the foxes was astounding, the sound actually took the attention away from me / my area and placed the foxes in a safe shot area and excluded me as a threat, at the end of the day, it gave me the edge. Money well spent

    Nice piece of kit worthy as part of the essential must have items, but I have learnt one lesson - take out the batteries and only install when needed for use, I went to a lambing field the other night, installed the fully charged batteries two days before and somehow the main box turned itself on in the bag - result no power - OOPS , fully charged and loaded prior to use perfick.

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    Philip,my old one used to drain batteries, so I just flick the leads off.
    Nice right up, they are some piece of kit.hopefully out tonight with my new fury.
    It would have been last night but it didnt stop raining.
    IMHO if you are serious about fox control you need one.
    Had a vixen come to mine before in the middle of a just drilled field in the day, I had to wait for it to move away from the call before I could shoot it. It was virtually touching the call.
    Well done.

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    +1 on taking the leads off. They eat batteries otherwise and my mate has one that used to melt the battery case too!!!!!

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    I agree they are very good,my mate the seeker has one he bought recently, apart from fox shooting try it on the crows,we shot 27 in a 2 hour session the other evening,set up a flocked decoy on the field in front, one in the tree at the side,we found the best method is to set the call to single crow, then when you spot them switch it to crow duet,or party, we even shot them out of the tree at the side of us,if you like your crow shooting give it a try, brilliant.

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    great bit of kit. got the firestorm. have called foxes in with it but havent shot any yet. because there lamp shy. so will have to have a go in the day

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    I don't know the Fury model, but use the Scorpion all the time. Having got thoroughly fed up of having to fiddle around in the dark trying to get the battery lead to go on properly, I recently hacked into the wiring and fitted an internal on/off switch that's big enough to operate with gloves on. Since I've had it, I'd imagine it must have accounted for well over 200 foxes.

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    Nice one Phil, nice to know its working well for you. yeah I always disconnect the clip and push it slightly down the hole but I also slide a piece of card in-between the battery pack and the clip just incase it shorts the 2 connectors.

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    Hornet, dont forget it is illegal to shoot birds called in with electronic call.
    I can not see the point but there you go. (Of the law I mean)
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    Good news, I have received my caller from stevienicknacks and will be trying it tonight for the first time.

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    If you turn off the rear speaker (which is designed for lower frequency sound and therefore larger animal calls) and only use the front when using distress calls of small animals, it greatly extends the battery life as only the one speaker is being powered, i also find that the caller is far more effective when only the front speaker is used, especially with the rabbit, mouse, vole and rat calls.
    The other tip i have is to get the 24 bit calls from Stevienicknacks as the sound quality is better than the FXP files.


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