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Thread: One size fits all

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    One size fits all

    A friend of mine recently enjoyed himself so much shooting 1000yd targets at the range, he decided to query a variation for one single calibre to cover fox, deer and range shooting. He's since been informed by his FEO that he can have a .308 on an open ticket for all three and need only apply. Good result.
    Both he and I have been told, by more than one person, that a one size fits all set-up is a great hassle to continuously re-zero for different bullet weights and distances. This is the bit I don't quite get.
    Never having shot at such distances, I would have thought it was simply a case of dialing in for whatever distance or bullet weight the shooter chooses to use. Surely a good quality scope, such as he has, is capable of returning accurately to zero after each dicipline.
    Do any of you guys use only one rifle to cover such a wide range of loads, bullets and distances?

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    I have on occasion shot my 260 Rem at long range, however even with the Z6 5-30 scope there were issues. If you look at the pdf, you can see that at x10 magnification, it's possible to shoot out beyond a 1000 yds, however the x10 mag is not ideal. Dedicated shooters could have a 20MOA rail and a scope that might be at x32 or higher for shooting to that range. To me, my approach is not ideal, but it allows me to have a shot at long range and not adjust the elevation or windage on the scope, so that I can confidently stalk the next day and shoot roe deer at up to 170yds.

    If I was doing this type of shooting more often, I would get a second scope set up for the long range work. Then, I am sure I would become unhappy with the performance of the rifle and perhaps get a dedicated .308 for F/TR. The multiple use is attractive, but I find with any multi-tool, in practice you are making compromises. Get the right tool for the job and then work on your skills (wind reading) to use it. Where I am at with my rifles is, one is dedicated for stalking and the other is dedicated for range work, but can be used for stalking if the other rifle is getting tweaked in some way.

    I would suggest that in time your friend will have at least two rifles, they could both be .308s, but they will be different in weight, barrel length and scope used.

    Have fun. JCS
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    I agree; it sounds fine in theory, but I really think that in the long run it would be better and less hassle to have another .308 (or whatever) as a stalking/fox rifle. If for no other reason that the rifling twist and bullet weight optimal for 1000 yard target shooting would be different to the twist used for lighter (shorter) hunting bullets. The target rifle will be mega heavy for stalking as well, longer barrel, large scope turrets that can get knocked, etc. etc....

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    one could do worse than a Sauer Wolverine with a Z6i 5-30X50 HD TBH.

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    I sound very much like your mate.. had a great time shooting 1000yds and do a fair amount of 500yds + plinking/varminting. I do have several calibres but i find its better to stick with one rifle. I shoot 7-08 for everything. I use the same load for everything. I use a 5-25x56 PM2 which is great for stalking as well as long range stuff, ok theres a bit of a weight penalty but for such a quality scope which does several jobs well, im willing to lug around an extra few grams.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingfisherman View Post
    theres a bit of a weight penalty but for such a quality scope which does several jobs well, im willing to lug around an extra few grams.
    you forget to mention the 'financial penalty'!!! LOL..

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    ha, u know what though, i know there not cheap but i dont regret spending the cash and if your not in a rush you can get relatively cheap ones!

    PS: I would go for the 2FP P4f reticule if i were buying another. My other PM2 5-25 has the P4f but in 1FP, im not a lover!

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