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    When i started stalking many moons ago i would never have dreamt that one day i would manage to stalk and shoot all 6 species of deer we have on our island,well yesterday i ticked the final box by bagging a cwd buck.
    Arrived at the farm on fri afternoon met the farmer who gave me a map of his property and pointed out a few good starting places.
    Sat morning saw me at the farm for first light, there was a serious frost and the whole place was covered in several inches of snow,not ideal as moving quietly was impossible,i decided to sit on top of a muck heap that was along side a large wooded bog, i was about to crunch my way to the heap when i got my first sighting of this strange little deer trotting towards me at about 300yds,i watched it for a few minutes before it wandered into the wood,i saw a few more during the morning mostly lying out in the middle of large fields offering no chance of getting to within range,i watched one run across a field at full tilt and then lie down flat among some nettle stalks poking out of the snow,strange.
    Afternoon saw me back with a plan ,the snow had melted a fair bit and the hedges were clear on the sunny side,Stone had said that the deer would probably be in the hedges so off i set,again i glassed a few deer lying well out in the snow, the light was starting to fade and it was looking like i was going back empty handed,i was just getting sat down at my last chance saloon when i saw a deer on the horizon and it was running full belt towards me,i was quickly down on the bipod as i looked around the tree i was behind, it was still coming fast, it passed me around ten yards away with no plans for stopping, i shouted and it changed direction running on another fifty yards before stopping to look back giving me a broadside view,the rest as they say is history and the final box ticked .... we all need a bit of luck now and again


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    Well done. Funny that this post should come up as I also ticked my sixth box today with a CWD thanks to 'Max'.
    Will write an article when I get chance.

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    Nice one nell
    Nice write up of a memorable weekend.
    I have a few more to get yet


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    Well done Nell
    all you hav to do now is get all 6 in the same month and both sexes
    and that would be some going

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    stone I shot all six in one weekend last year does that count

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    yep there always does
    sunday started with the roe ,monday the fallow ,today a munty

    i should of been on CWD tommorow and reds/sika on thurs and friday
    well what a week that would of been
    hey ho
    sh@t happens

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    Hard to tell - but that looks like a nice Munti buck!

    Rgds Ian

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    Stone you sure they weren't road casualties the munty looked like it was hit by a bus looking at the neck the fallow was out of the ditch when the snow went not to sure of the roe may have only been clipped by a car .and your dog found it . sorry richard

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    Muddy you cheeky beggar
    if you knew how far i had to drag that fallow across that muddy field
    you would of given up and called on Duncs
    the bus by the way, was the 30-06 with 180 grain heads, same treatment as the roe and fallow got
    the munty measured approx 4" long both antlers no brow tines
    and spread 5 1/2"
    but a very poor quality looking head

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