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Thread: Best .22 cal springer

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    Best .22 cal springer

    I am considering getting a little springer specifically for hunting rabbits. I know very little about air rifles - they aren't nearly as common down here as in the UK, especially for hunting applications, so i can really use the advice of folks here who regularly hunt rabbits with an airgun.

    As i will be hunting rabbits, i figure power is going to be paramount. I am thinking i will be best off with a .22 cal, but i would be willing to listen to arguments for smaller calibres. I was figuring on a springer to keep price down, because i would be very happy with a single shot, and because i would like the extra power possible with a springer (althpough i notice some of the PCP guns are very powerful now). I am thinking a quality underlever is probably the way to go, the RWS 460 magnum having caught my attention.

    I would also appreciate recommendations on hunting pellets.

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    all pretty reliable now.
    dont discount the benefits of the flatter trajectory of a .177.
    Especially as you will probably be head shooting rabbits out to 50+ yds.
    A .177 pellet still has plenty of energy but requires less of the holdover at 12ft/lbs (do you have the same limits there?)

    PCP's are getting cheaper and cheaper.
    I picked up one with a footpump ,pellets, sleeve, spares, tools, targets etc for 300

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    An air rifle in australia has to be registered, and comes under the same registration class as any rimfire or shotgun, so no, there is not a reason to keep under a given power limit. And hence i want as much power as i can get within reason. My ranges will be long - 50yards is going to be the standard. I would normally go for a rimfire instead, but as there are a lot of visitors in the area i think going with an air rifle will be preferable.

    I had started by looking at the Weihrauch HW80, as it was one of the few air rifles i knew. It just seems to be down on power a bit vs some of the competition - but i find it difficult to assess because you just get a stated maximum velocity without pellet weight or type, so i find i very hard to compare. The RWS guns look to have a bit more power.

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    Weihrauch HW95 mines had 8 years hammer and still going strong and would never sell it!

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    no your all wrong its got to be the hw77k

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    Quote Originally Posted by boar & deer View Post
    no your all wrong its got to be the hw77k
    +1 - bought one in .177 last week, only put a few pellets through it so far, but I'm impressed with its accuracy. Hope to blood it before too long!

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    Try ? and Google, Chairgun pro.
    HW 80. The Workhorse, mine is 45 years old.
    The .20 cal is a good compromise?
    Superb trigger unit too.

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    HW77,HW97,HW80 ALL FANTASTIC got them all in .22 had pre charged too much bother! never really tried the .177 .

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