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Thread: Mannlicher Mounts

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    Mannlicher Mounts

    I Have a Mannlicher classic which I need to mount my new swarovski 2-10 x 56mm any suggestions for extra high mounting and where to buy ???? Many Thanks

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    Warne do compatible weaver style bases. You can then use any warne or similar bases.

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    I have a Mannlicher and it came with Apel mounts fitted onto a pair of very nice Apel dovetail bases ( all nicely rounded with no sharp corners to catch on stuff ) - While messing around recently I found that Tikka M55 / 595 mounts fit the dovetails perfectly - This allows me to use Optilock mounts & rings on the Mannlicher if I wish!
    Paul if your Mannlicher has dovetails bases fitted you may just be lucky!


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    Apel mounts are the best but expensive I have warne on my Mannlicher and Aple on my T3 both good

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