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Thread: SAKO TRG22 .308, FOLDING STOCK, plus accessories

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    SAKO TRG22 .308, FOLDING STOCK, plus accessories

    Gents, for sale is my new (never fired) Sako TRG 22 in desert tan. This is the folding stock model. In addition it has 3 x 10 rd magazines, genuine TRG bipod, picatinny rail, Sako picatinny rail mount with 34mm rings and the forend tri-rail that allows the mounting of night vision and other front mounted accessories. Muzzle break and flash hider (believed surefire) also included. Also theres 100 monometal bullets if required. The whole set up would be nearing 7k if bought new (base rifle is nearly 5k rrp).

    I've not got to use this excellent set up due to family and business and don't look likely to for a good while so it needs to go to someone who will shoot the snot out of it!

    Excellent, excellent rifle which I've thought long and hard about before selling. Great for FTR, mil-comps etc etc

    3150 which is considerably less than any other currently offered and much less than 50% of new cost so no daft offers.



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    Nice kit indeed!
    Would you be willing to sell the bipod separately?



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    Hi you have my pm allroad

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    Noooooo - don't sell this before bringing it down to play!!

    Great kit and a trustworthy seller.


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    Thanks to all who pmd. Having had a change of heart about the sale I'm no longer going to part with it. Many apologies and it's not like me to 'ewe turn'.



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    Good decision Gareth.

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    Hello mate,
    Would you be interested in parting with one of the mags?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Redmist View Post
    Good decision Gareth.

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