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Thread: Gear mount for my motorcycle

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    Gear mount for my motorcycle

    Finished the game and gear hauler for my 2x2 Rokon motorcycle. The camping season is coming and I plan on strapping my gear to this platform as well as the saddle bags I fitted. My .22 rifle will go on the front-mount gun rack. Man. I'm glad spring is here! ~Muir

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    That looks really good - certainly looks tough enough to take the occasional drop and proper eyebolts to tie things down - well done. What's the chain hanging down near the rear number plate for?

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    Thanks! I was going to use aluminum but decided that heavy ply board was cheaper, easier, and easier to replace when it wears out. I got a lot of grief from my coworkers about the eye bolts. Most suggested i use inset d-ring plates but they would have added a bit of weight. As it stands, the whole rack only weighs a little over 6 pounds.

    That's the chain for the tow bar. For light pulling, up to a few hundred pounds, the chain suffices. When you get over 300 pounds it is replaced by a solid arm. When not in use, I keep the tow bar up and out of the way by gathering up the chain and holding it with a few wire ties. ~Muir

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    Glad to see the Rokon is getting well used; you hadn't mentioned it for a while and I wondered if it wasn't getting out. Would be nice to see some in the UK instead of the ubiquitous Quad bikes.

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    I drove it all winter, actually. Going through snow drifts on a motorcycle was a new experience for me! These will go where no quad can. A well quadded (he has three at his house) rancher friend is buying a Rokon now that he's ridden mine. When all you have is an 8" wide cow path snaking along a steep side slope in some back canyon, the quad is useless. The Rokon takes it in stride.~Muir

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    Unfortunately we don't have many canyons in Oxfordshire, so its unique abilities would not come to the fore. However, if I see a one in the UK I would be tempted to buy it (as a project) for the hell of it.

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