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Thread: South African Hunting Information: What is Put & Take Shooting?

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    South African Hunting Information: What is Put & Take Shooting?

    Before any subject is discussed it is always a good idea to firstly define exactly what is being discussed. So let us attempt to define Put & Take shooting. Here a quote from an article by Gerhard Damm, an internationally well known and respected conservationist. is a link to Gerhard Damm's article.

    Canned Shooting and Put & Take

    Shooting and killing captive bred or habituated (in other words, human-imprinted) big-game animals in commercial killing areas where a person with a gun or a bow is guaranteed a kill. ‘Canned’ means that the animal is impaired in its natural inclination to flee from its pursuer either by means of drugs or by restraints such as small fenced enclosures, cages, ropes, chains, or by habituation to human presence. Often quite incorrectly referred to as ‘canned hunting’, canned shooting has nothing to do with hunting and those who practise it are not hunters. Canned shooting has been much publicised in the media and has given hunting a bad name in the view of the general public. Put & Take refers to the releasing of captured and bought animals into fenced enclosures for the sole purpose of having them killed by paying clients. The game owner has no intention of building up breeding stocks or viable populations. The animals are released and killed within a short time after release. The paying client does not necessarily know that the game owner practises ‘Put & Take’. Provincial and national legislative bodies, professional and amateur hunting organisations and nature conservation agencies are under an obligation to finalise adequate legislation and rules preventing these practices."

    Emphasis added to the last sentence is mine.

    As I am not only a hunter, but a Professional Hunter, I really feel obliged to actually do my bit, by this posting, to prevent Put & Take shooting. Incidentally, watch this space, as more postings about the same or similar subjects will follow.

    Why does some Hunting Outfitters partake in the practice of Put & Take shooting?

    Money! Very plain and simple – they wish to make more money! How? Hunting Outfitters (HO’s) make money by offering overseas clients hunting opportunities. They provide a service for which they are perfectly entitled to charge a fee and make a fair profit. Nothing wrong with that at all! The money they actually get is by charging a Daily Rate and Trophy Fees. In Economics 101 you will learn that the more days they have clients for and the more trophies the clients shoots the more money they make. OK? Simple really, Money Rules.

    Where does the HO’s get the trophies for their clients to shoot? To answer this simple question, let’s start by first just defining what is a “trophy animal”. A workable definition would be: A fully mature male of the species which has horns [or tusks] typical, or larger than typical, in size and shape of the species.

    Now let us for simplicity of explanation assume that a certain area is managed by 100% perfect herd management. There is no management change that will result in an increase in the number of trophy animals produced in that area in any given year. If the HO using all the trophies produced by the area wants to make more money he has to get more trophies. This is done by simply buying suitable live trophies at one of the dozens of annual live game auctions held all over South Africa. The live trophies are then released [or Put] in the hunting area and the overseas clients shoots [or Takes] them within a short time. Simple; Put a trophy in your hunting area, & let a client Take it soon afterwards!

    Incidentally I quite agree with Gerhard Damm that the clients often, or even mostly, do not know that the HO they are hunting with makes use of live bought trophies in such a Put & Take manner. I hope to help hunters who are also prospective clients in South Africa to know more about this subject so that they can make up their own minds about if they personally are OK partaking in such Put & Take shooting.

    In good hunting.
    Andrew McLaren
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    Having hunted with Andrew I liked his ethics, and his personal introduction to South Africa. As Andrew says the client might not know what is offered, size of the area is no guide as it’s the density of the harvest that determines if its natural reproduction or put and take.

    What we mustn’t muddle it with is restocking, those who have watched Safari Vet School can get a handle on the animal movement business that occur.

    However, Andrew can provide a real experience, that must be sampled.

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    I dream of hunting in South Africa, I think it would be the greatest experience ever!
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