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Thread: Roe Deer Skull Fixing Brackets

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    Roe Deer Skull Fixing Brackets

    Roe Deer Skull Fixing brackets on to mounting boards (as dont want to glue them)

    Thanks in advance Pete

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    hi pete is this for full skull or cut skull , either way rawlplug cavity wall plugs the spring loaded wing type are good for full skulls, and see the bushware cat for sawn skulls hope this helps
    Walk little- look often .

  3. #3 suspect they are cheaper than bushwear but not sure

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    Its for half cut skulls, some i dont want to fix like my nice long murder buck that avaided me for 2 years.

    thanks all ile have a look, if any one else has any more please enlightern me

    thanks again Pete

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    Hi Peter

    Bush wear do a good range of skull fixing brackets.

    All the bet


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    full skull?
    sprung loaded plasterboard bolts like these:

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    manny thanks for all replys

    thanks pete

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    You can shape an off-cut of wood to fit in a cut skull. If you do it right it will hold the weight of a red stag with no problems. Or at least none of my customers came back to me!

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    thanks Tackleberry its a good one nice and simple

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