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Thread: BASC Deer dog days

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    BASC Deer dog days

    Of those who have been, what did they think of the day. Was it worth it?

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    hi Rob D,
    ive not been on one run by BASC but ive attended on one run by the NGO last year and found it very informative and a good place to start for a novice

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    Hy jim , nice to meet you on this forum ,was also there
    rgds ,

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    hi rudi,
    yes i enjoyed our talk on things, if your ever over here please let me know, as i would love to meet up again and pump you for more tips of the trade.
    kind regards

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    Will be in England from 3 till 6 may with Georges and Robbo , do some training with the dogs

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    looking forward to meeting you again on the 4th


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    As per Jimmy M, I went on an NGO day last year, and it was a good place to start for a novice. The day was aimed at giving you the basic knowledge and techniques, on which to build a basis to move forward with your dog with your own training.

    I have a lab, used for beating, picking up, and rough shooting, however, having worked on blood tracking / trailing a deer skin since this course - albeit at a basic level, and using what I learned from the day, I am now very happy that my dog will find a deer should it run over a short distance, and on two occasions, he has been brought in to find runners ( 70M and 85M approx ) which we would probably not have recovered in the forestry where they were shot.

    If you have a dog, and stalk deer, then I would recommend these days as a good place to start to get unbiased, well intentioned information, which will start you on the right road. Watching the dog work a trail out is actually quite addictive, and thrilling when they get it right.... especially for a lab !!!!!

    All the best.


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