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Thread: 243 parker hale accuracy

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    243 parker hale accuracy

    What sort of accuracy can i expect/achieve home loading for 243 ph 1200

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    A good fried who emigrated to Canada a couple of years ago had a 100 used PH .243. This shot a 0.75 inch 5 shot group at 200 yards FL sized Sako brass, CCI BR primer, 42.5gn H4350, 100gn Speer BTSP, 2.71" OAL.
    I reckon that is certainly not to shabby.

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    Looking good! thanks for the replies chaps.

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    In my limited testing with the Midland 2100 in .243 I achieved this level of grouping:-

    The Midland 2100 used the same barrel as the other Parker-Hales. I think with a bit more tweaking the group could be a bit tighter. Perhaps one day we shall find out.

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    Excellent! My local rfd where i bought my 30.06 ph 1200 deluxe has a tatty 1200 deluxe in 243 the bore looks very good though. interestingly it has no front or rear sights on the barrel and has no holes where one has been? is this common or could it have been rebarrelled ? Whatever it would be nice to have a pair of 1200s! I need to do a variation!

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    Parker-hales were marked as to CAL like this:-

    This is the 1200V which has a heavy "Bull" barrel and was not fitted with sights.:-

    The barrels were marked thus:-

    The two holes in the barrel tp of teh P-H 1200V were not for a rear sight but for a forward scope block for the fitting of a long varmint/target type scope such as the Unertl, Lyman target Spot, Fecker, redfield or Tasco #707:-

    Hope that is of some help.

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    Thanks Kevin i will check the barrel for the calibre markings. I don't remember thinking it looked chunky enough to be a target barrel but i may be wrong asmy head was up my own arse as it is every time i handle a potential purchase of the rifle variety! I don't ever want to grow up!

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    The Varmint has a recessed target crown as well,

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    A tad behind the thread now but I have a P-H M81 Classic, in 243W, from mid 80s - still shoots <1" with reloaded ammunition. However, I have had the trigger changed to a Canjar.

    My brother and a friend also had the same - all 3 pretty accurate.


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