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Thread: "Kydex" sheath for the EKA SwingBlade?

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    "Kydex" sheath for the EKA SwingBlade?

    It's been a while since this topic last came up. I'm wondering if anyone has yet found a source for Kydex style sheaths for the EKA SwingBlade?
    I have an excellent leather sheath with a plastic insert, but you can't remove the insert to wash it.
    I'm looking for something that I can wear on my belt, holds the SwingBlade securely and can be washed under the tap at the end of the day. A leather belt hanger is fine if it can be removed in order to wash the sheath itself. I really don't want to go to length of acquiring everything I would need to make one myself, for only one sheath.


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    A kydex sheath has to me moulded to a knife. Every kife with a kydex sheath is an individual fit, hence why you wont find them for sale.



    If you look up my mate Duncan at Dorset Woodland blades I am sure he will be able to sort you out, would have done it myself but I dont trade on this site anymore due to non knife making 'experts' .....good luck, Duncan will make you a top sheath,it can be neck worn, belt worn, cross draw etc etc he knows his stuff, please tell him I recommended him.
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    I know Dougster has done a recent thread on his sheaths.

    I believe he has had quite few requests for Kydex for the Swingblades and is going to set up for them - maybe worth dropping him a line.

    I declare an interest - he makes stuff for me. In return I try really hard to break it ( rarely succeed these days ). But he does good work.
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