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Thread: GWP Litter

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    GWP Litter


    Both parents are full time working dogs - 80% grouse, 20% blood tracking.
    No hereditary diseases/problems ever shown.
    Exceptional with children and as family dogs.

    All docked (with certificates), dew claws removed, microtagged, KC registered and wormed before leaving.

    Pups available to go between 11th to 18th May (7/8 weeks of age)
    Liver and white ticked colour.

    Please PM if interested.

    Pictures of Dam (Sire shows more white ticking)

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    due you mean may youve put march best of luck with the sale
    regards pete .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roedinator View Post
    due you mean may youve put march best of luck with the sale
    regards pete .
    Thanks Pete, have edited my post!

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    Enquiries about pedigree -

    Dam's parents are Cernestream Hienkel (S) and Whittlebury Veronica (D)

    Sire is brother to John Halstead's "wilson" (pedigree viewable on Brocklebank Labradors website)

    Thanks NW

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    Progress at 3 1/2 weeks - all doing very well!!

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    Bloody hell mate, you've got a whole herd of them! They look great. Best wishes, Glyn.

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    Cheers, yes they are Glyn - just hope the fox's don't do as well this year!!

    ATB R

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    Pups now 6 weeks old, we have 3 dogs and 1 bitch left.

    Glad to say 2 are going to the Forestry Commission, 4 onto grouse moors and 3 as pets/show lines - they are doing so well.

    Please PM for further information.

    These 3 are the dogs...

    Feeding trough...

    Will post a picture of the bitch later...

    Regards NW
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    Bitch now provisionally sold.

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    they look superb chap well done

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