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Thread: New filleting knife

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    New filleting knife

    Not shooting related I'm afraid (forgive me admin). The time of year is fast approaching when my attention turns to chasing the beautiful Bass. I'm sure there must be a few others on here with the same intention! End of last season I managed to break my filleting knife, so my question is can anybody recomend a new make/model? I dont want to break the bank, but I dont mind paying sensible money for good quality either.
    Thanks in advance for any help you can give me, and goodluck if you share my passion for this wonderful fish.

    ATB Lee

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    Hi Lee,
    EKA do a "fish blade" knife which might suit the bill. If its anything like their "swing blade" it should be good.

    EKA Fishblade Knife - Blue | Mobile

    Shop around you might get it cheaper.

    Tight lines, Willie

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    have you had a look at the berkley range advertised in all the usual mail order shops in the angling monthlys?
    Seem to hold a good edge and not stupid money.

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    i have had all sorts of fillet knives ans over 20 years as a commercial fisherman and bassing for sport ive noticed no difference beetween a 35 knife of the rapala and martini
    type or a 12 budget type they all end up going the same way providing you use them enough save your money and get a budget one as long as you keep it sharp it will do as good as one dipped in diamonds keeping it sharp is the key looking forward to this seasons run foxxer

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    I've had one of these for a good few years and its never let me down. Mora have the knack of getting the balance between edge retention and easy of sharpening just right with their stainless. Mine has also been superb in salt water - no rusting.

    Mora Long Fish Filleting Knife - Old Smokehouse Foods & Equipment

    If you shop around you might get one for less than above.




    Best of luck with the bass. I love Staffordshire, but I sometimes wish it was nearer the sea !!!
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    +1 on this with dovebob the mora should do nicely good luck with the bass but they got to come up past us to get to you
    we will take the big ones out and leave the schoolies for you lot

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    I've heard good things about Cutco knifes. More expensive than the Mora but, as they are covered by the Cutco Forever sharp guarantee, it'll probably be the last knife you ned to buy.

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    Thanks for the replys men. It looks like it's a toss-up between a Mora or Normark. Also thankyou d foxxer for your very sporting attitude and kind offer of leaving me a couple of schoolies!
    Have you started hitting any yet? I will be out for the first time this coming week.
    Also, what sort of marks do you fish? sandy or rocky? shoreline or off a boat? are you a bait man or artifitials?
    I realise many like to keep these sort of things close to their chests, but as there are so many miles between us it cant hurt to share some info between us, can it? (by pm if you like).
    Ps, you will find it hard to believe one of the marks I regularly catch them from.

    ATB Lee

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    lee not hitting any yet too early for the good uns getting the boat ready for next month for the manacles reef bit of a dodgy place as some times you have to go right in amongst the pinnacles and tide can be a right barsteward at times or the runnel stone down by lands end may produce the goods failing that nice pollock around the wolf rock lighthouse
    but again tide can be trecharous shore marks kick off end of may early june if weather and sea temp right then follow round to north coast surf beaches using live honey backs
    then in autumn use squid or peeler round the rocky coves joeys from the boat i often think about becoming a bass guide cos some of the people on holiday in the summer are always striving to find good bassing but you know as well as i that if they are there and the timing is right you will catch them last year was a good run of 6 to 8 pounders shoreside plus lots an lots of 4to 5 dont know bout you but i only take a couple to eat let the rest go because too many twats down here catching smaller ones an selling em to the slopes atb foxxer

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    I'm sooooo envious of the quality of fishing you have available to you. I'm a mere amateur by comparison. Most of my bass fishing is on a local river, but I'm catching them almost five miles upstream of the estuary on evening in-coming tides. No bait fishing all on various artificials, from small spinners to medium pike plugs. No monsters, but I've had a couple over 6lb. I use 10ft spinning rod, (10-30 gram) light braid and a 10lb mono leader. It is outstanding sport!!! I keep every other fish that is over 3lb, and this works out roughly to releasing 6or7 for each 1 that I keep.
    The real beauty of this spot, is that I can start a session trotting a stick float through a swim with maggots after chub and dace, and end it spinning for bass! Plus it's only 5 minuits from my door step.
    What I did find unusual in your last post was your shore sport not kicking off till end of May, we get our first ones coming up the river in mid-April.(but they are few and far between)
    Mid-summer I try and get as many trips as I can down to Rhosilly (worms head) on the Gower. Jumping around the rocks dodging waves spinning during the day, then gather some peelers in the evening to bait-fish under darkness. I only fish about 20 yards out, into about 18 inches of water. A 2 ounce lead bouncing around in waves with a peeler the size of a tennis ball, then BANG! As you know foxxer when your stood there on your own in the dark it feels like being struck by lightning! It's pure magic!
    Tight-lines my friend.

    ATB Lee

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