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    Daystate Harrier

    When I renewed my FAC last year I put a slot on it for a FAC rated air rifle. I'm in no desperate rush for one but I keep hearing that FAC rated PCP's are much cheaper that non FAC rifles. Based on this i've been having a look out for a PCP that runs about 25ftlbs and can be shot by a left hander.
    I have come across a Harrier Mk1 in FAC, Just the rifle, No scope mod or mounts at a local gunshop. it seems in good nick but has no charge left in it (dont know how long its been like that) A mate has offered to come with me to look at it and fill it so I can try it out. The shop wants 300 for it but that seems to expensive for a single shot fac rated air rifle. In my mind I was thinking of making them a cheeky offer.
    What is it worth if it's in good nick? Is there anything I should look out for?


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    Ezzy - if it's been empty for a while, the buddy bottle may well need to be tested - and the seals may well be perished. The good news is that Daystate hold their money remarkably well and I would view this as a good price - not that you shouldn't make a cheeky offer - you should. I'd take into account that if condition is unknown or they are reluctant to give info, it should go back to Daystate for a full service. Worth checking with them how much that is - and if you can give them a serial number, they should be able to give you a history. I love my Daystate - I too am left handed and for cost of a bolt swap over to make it left hand bolt on an ambi stock, I have a great true left handed rifle. I paid more than double what you're being asked for mind!
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    likewise on the seals.

    There are seals kits out there on eBay and the like and the majority of the service element can be done by anyone with some basic knowledge.

    so long as you do plenty of reading and make sure any pressure related parts are empty before stripping. bulk of it comes down to replacing o-rings which are cheap parts.

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    i have a harrier with fac tube but mine is only 12 ftlb as i use it for rats in garden and abit of tree rat bashing. there good rifles i paid 300 for mine. a fac one should be less imo
    offer him 250 and tell them you want it serviced before buying if its been left like that for ages

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