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Thread: CWD

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    Hi all

    Shot late today, two very different CWD bucks.

    The one on the left looks to be in summer coat, has the longer tusks and is the younger animal.

    Just great little dear

    Next time MS



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    thats just showing off
    it looks like you took a set of pliers to that youngsters teeth and pulled them out a bit , just for the photo

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    Now how the hell did you know

    Still want a CWD pelt


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    Nice one Max!!
    I bet that's the one I left yesterday!
    Just finishing an article about it for the forum.
    Thanks again, ATB,

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    Quote Originally Posted by Max

    Still want a CWD pelt

    can you bring it on the dog day with you please if thats alright

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    Cracking looking deer Max
    Is the one with the larger tusks a good size, don,t know much about CWD


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    Amazing looking animals Max. Great to see. Are they spreading quickly in the UK.

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    Thanks 243varmint

    The one with the larger tusks weighed 18lb clean so not a big animal.
    I did not get a chance to weigh the other one as my mate wanted some venison but at a guess I recon 20ib ish clean.

    I have only had this ground since Jan 07 so only shot 15 animals in that time so still a big learning curve.
    Heaviest one to date was a female that went 24lb clean.
    The bucks seem to be the smaller, or thats how I have found it so far but im no expert by a long way.


    From what Ive been told and read, they are working there way up country but at a very slow rate, not like Mr Muntjac

    Thanks for your interest


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    The bucks seem to look smaller than the does here but I have shot two bucks that have gone 34 lb s clean.

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    cracking looking deer, I have never come across them.

    The one with the long tusks looks to have a tatty ear. Would he have been scrapping, do they fight much?

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