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Thread: .17 Remington CZ 527 Varmint

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    .17 Remington CZ 527 Varmint

    .17 Remington CZ 527 Varmint
    Between now and the end of the year I will be selling up to fund my move to Oz. First on the list, which will hopefully pay for part 2 of my skills assessment. Is the .17 Rem.
    CZ 527 Varmint.

    24” 1:9 barrel, screw cut 15x1 with 11 deg crown by John Carr Precision.
    Blued steel with walnut stock.
    Single set trigger
    A-Tec CMM4 Moderator – Same round count as below.

    I have put precisely 147 rounds through it and would be extremely surprised if the previous owner put anywhere near that through. I scoped the bore before buying and it was in great condition, the barrel was un-cut at the time, and the metalwork hasn’t got a mark on it.
    I am selling up so this is a deal, included are:

    1” CZ High mounts
    100 brass - 50/50ish once/twice fired
    Bullets – I have 50 25 grn V-Max and 150+ Berger 25 grn Varmint Match
    RCBS dies – FL & Seater
    Tipton 36” Carbon cleaning rod & jag
    .17 Powder funnel
    Load data
    Whatever rounds I have loaded up at the time

    This is an excellent rifle with controlled feed and a great single stack 5 rnd metal magazine. The bolt cycles smoothly and it has never missed a beat the time I have had it. It loves the 25grn V-Max + Varget, 4000 fps sub ½ inch all day long.

    All in price £650

    The scope and bipod are not for sale, however if you want a scope for it I am selling a Nikon Monarch

    With Nikon scope £950
    Billy no guns.

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    Cracking buy steve. If I hadn't just got one off alan I would of had this. The 1 in 9 twist is a gem of a find.
    those 25 vmax are bullet of choice for 17the rem uses. Imo the perfect foxing and vermin rifle

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    Subject to payment
    Billy no guns.

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