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Thread: Essex Jelen - Thanks guys!

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    Essex Jelen - Thanks guys!

    Just a quick note to say thanks to Dan and Malcom of Essex Jelen. Having recently booked up on the DSC1 course that they're running in june at the new Jelen centre in essex, I was starting to worry about the shooting test and my lack of centrefire experience. Danny very kindly offered to take me out on his range with his rifles and coach me for a few hours.

    I met the team at a lovely country pub this morning and after a bite to eat we went to the range. Malcom and his son then set things up on the range. I then practiced a bit with their .17HMR just to get my eye in at 100 yards, then tried the .243 and .270 at 100 yards. Malcom was great giving me tips on safety and shooting accurately, we also practiced from sticks - sitting at 60yards and then standing 40 yds.

    All went really well, and now i'm feeling much more confident about the shooting test. Malcom and Danny were also helpful with a few hints on aspects of the theory that I was not so sure of.

    Great bunch of guys - can't wait for the DSC1 now as i'm sure it will go well.

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    You're in good hands there Mike - sounds like you're getting the full Jelen experience!! Make the most of it, you'll learn loads.

    All the best for the course.
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    Danny and Mike are great guys. I enjoyed their company a great deal at my DSC1.

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