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Thread: Running in a .22LR

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    Running in a .22LR

    Excuse my ignorance here guys, but ive no experience with this calibre as ive always had full bore rifles & never had a need for one till now.

    I bought a .22LR semi auto yesterday as the new piece of ground ive taken on is polluted with rabbits. The guy in the shop told me that theres no need to run in a .22 shooting sub sonics, just clean it every couple of hundred rounds & it will be fine.

    Not having had one of these before, i wondered whether this was right or not... i was always brought up to run in every barrel regardless of bore size.

    Any of you more knowledgeable chaps out there put me right please?


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    Just clean it and shoot it. If it is a semi auto make sure the action is very lightly lubed.

    I doubt soft lead 22lr bullets would make much impression on a steel barrel, so I can see no benefit in a clean one - shoot one regime.

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    Just clean it to remove any grease or lubrication the manufacturer has applied then shoot it. it may take a few rounds to get some lead in the barrel to tighten the groups up. i don't clean my rimmy barrel as bullets are lubed any way and soft lead won't wear it out and you may find you will have to shoot more rounds again to get accuracy back. I always run my semi auto actions dry because .22 rimfire is a dirty round and lubrication in the action attracts this residue gumming up the action quicker than if cleaned and left dry. A brand new semi auto may benefit from some hv rounds through it first to run and smooth the action in first prior to using the lower powered subsonics .

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    As nicholiath said, I cleaned mine when I bought it and have just cleaned it tonight, it's had approx 1500 rounds since that first clean. I'm sure it's going to take a few to get it back on song again as it took about 75 to get it Shooting right in the first instance.

    I only cleaned it because it's been on loan to a mate who got his first FAC in August last year, he had slot for 222 and 22lr but could only afford one at the time and found a bargain 222 so he put my 22lr as a shared rifle.


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