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    anybody any knowledge on mods are some makes better than others. i was thinking of using one for zeroing my rifle,but not for stalking.would the point of impact change

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    Hi, could well have a different point of impact with the mod off of the rilfle, the reason is due to a change in the barrel harmonics due to the loss of the weight of the mod , the barrel moves as the shot is taken and resonates by design..thats why the barrel beingin contact with the forend of the rifle, for example by using a Harris bi-pod, can cause a problem..that was the fault withthe Mk 1 Steyr Prohunters, hope that helps, mate

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    thanks cervus
    looks like i will have to leave it on for stalking or ,not buy one and put up with the noise and recoil, mmhh!

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    I have a mod on my .243. I use it all the time as the point of impact is 3" high and 1" to the right when I fire the rifle without the mod. I don't know of any moderator that does not effect the poi if you remove it or add it to the rifle without re-zeroing. If one exists, I would like to her about it.

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    i have a t8 on my 3006. 9 times out of ten i can see the bullet strike but it makes the rifle front heavy and even heavier with a harris bipod, my mate has a pes full lenghth sleeve on his 7mm which makes it very evenly balanced, shop around and definately look and handle as many different moderated rifles as possible i love my t8 but i love his 7mm even more when on a long hike hope this helps stone

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    thanks for your comments ,i looked on a mod site and the t8 looked good in the write up but like you say a sleeved mod balances the rifle ,i think i will have to sleep on it before i decide wich way to go

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    I have a T8 which is very quiet but having looked at a number of the new crop of moderators the ASE UTRA looks to me to be one of the smallest that does the job well. Thats what I will be having on my nextrifle or barrel.


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    Devish Dave is right about the ASE UTRA S5, I have one on each of my Sako 75s and theyare compact, and very effective, probably a little snappier in the sound attenuation than the T8 but not at all uncomfortable to use..I thinkthe reflection of the sound from say a surrounding tree line or similar gives that impression of a higher defined moderated sound but at 650grams and with the solid construction I can live with that, and they do not rust or ring mark the barrel at the bushing..a pull through with a Bore-Snake and some WD40 is all I do and no corrosion and consistent kit IMHO

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    Wildcat mods

    High Tommy, I've just got a wildcat for my Sauer 202. Within hours of buying it two stalkers told me I'd made a mistake as theirs had been unreliable, and threw fliers from time to time. I've had it on for a few weeks now and am still delighted with it. I'm no marksman, but all my shots at 100yds are well within a 2" circle, and for me thats good enough. Three fallow and a fox all between 50 and 100yds haven't complained. Haven't used any others, but I'd vouch for this one.
    All the best.

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    Don't get one unless you have to are my thoughts. Proffesional useage excluded. got one in the safe - i rarely use now. to heavy, too many carry issues like length inside hides / high seats. And if you ever have to stop a wounder on the hoof the handling and swing of your carefully designed and balanced rifle will be so badly effected it will be pure luck if you nail it.

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