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Thread: RCBS Chargemaster problem

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    RCBS Chargemaster problem

    Looking for some help for a friend regarding his RCBS Chargemaster please.
    He has switched it on for the first time, and instead of getting a display adding of 99999 which then zeros, he gets a 02009 code, and the machine seems frozen.
    He has tried switching it on and off to no avail.
    Any ideas gratefully received.


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    Look on the Brian Enos forum in the USA to see if the problem has been discussed there already.
    There were some major technical issues with the first batch of 1500' much so that RCBS will exchange them free of charge for a new unit.

    He may be better off contacting RCBS with the serial no. info - they will be able to date the machine that way

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    Thanks Jon, keep me updated on the brass.

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