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Thread: daylight boar

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    daylight boar

    Ive shot a few boar in the fod and have tones of pics off a static stealth cam but came across these the other one is video

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    exellent footage thanks for sharing

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    +1 was that a road i could hear nearby ?

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    Nice one Ed good to see the FC aint shot them all.


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    yes i was parked on the verge and didnt even notice the young ones untill she grunted a warning and they were everywhere, there were five full grown and must of been atleast 25 young.
    And wayne mate they are hitting them hard mate our busiest time is normally oct to feb but over xmas they did a drive in the wood below and we didnt see so much as a deer on the cameras for 6 weeks.

    PS wayne we must get together soon have a chat and catch up..eddie

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    Nice one Ed looks like there will be no shiffting them boar they are well and truly in there now.

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    No problem Ed kettles always on

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    good man, ive been putting a bit of work off in hereford but it will give me an excuse to pop up and drink your tea...ill be up soon

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    Nice pics! I have been seeing a fair few about in daytime lately, but usually always sows with little ones! I was watching from within 40yds of 2 sows and 11 piglets last week less than 300yds from my doorstep! Hopefully a few will survive when the FC cull kicks off again in September!



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    nice to see a group like that i often see boar in the daylight on my ground but wont touch them till sept

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