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Thread: Hello from Aberdeenshire !!

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    Hello from Aberdeenshire !!

    Hi Folks
    I have just come back to shooting after a 10 year break due to work commitments and really enjoying it again.
    I had to get all the equipment again and things have moved on a bit.
    I have just recently purchased two new rifles
    1: Sako 85 synthetic/stainless .270 with T8 mod and S&B 6x42
    2: CZ .22lr with mod and a cheap scope.
    I really like the Sako it is a nice smooth rifle which I am looking forward to using a lot.
    My stalking consists of Roe and Red with a bit of bunny clearance thrown in just for the excitment value.
    I have had a look through your forum and read some pretty interesting articles so I am looking forward to reading and learning more !!!


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    Welcome to the forum. Ive gone for a Predator 8 mod on my 243 but I have opted for the S&B 6x42 too (based on advice from this forum).

    What sort of range are you happy using the scope to?



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    Welcome mate where abouts in abberdean are u I am up your neck of the woods next week stalking.

    Cheers Gadget.

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    hi karl
    good to see you on board great forum good bunch of lads here
    where in aberdeenshire are you from i`m from south of stonehaven
    all the best bruxie

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    HI Bruxie and Gadget
    I live between Abberdean and Peterheid in an old farm hoose nice bit of the country I was born and brought up in the north east so it has a soft spot in my heart this area.

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    Looks like we have Aberdeen covered then !Karl
    Your north
    Bruxie is south
    And i am ten miles west (just passed Westhill).
    No point going east ! you would get awffy wet !

    Welcome , Havent been here long myself.

    My Intro is just below your a bit on the list .

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    Dont panick lad's. I am offshore Aberdeen at the moment so i guess you can say ive got the East covered

    Only pulling yer todger, I am from Stony as well. Welcome Lad's.


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    Looks like we have good numbers here in the North east infact enough for a pincer movement on union street.
    You lads get plenty of local stalking for roe's then or do you venture further afield ?

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    Most of mine is to do with my job, but I do have a couple of recreational corners here and there .My brother also runs the Stalking school up at Carron ,so plenty of scope there to if need be .
    I am planning to go south before the end of march maybe to try and knock over a Muntjac or two ,nothing set in stone yet ??

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    Hi Karl

    Welcome to the site i just stay west of Aberdeen and know auquhollie and bruxie hill very well

    Cheers Eslie

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