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Thread: Kicked off my buck season with a possible medal!

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    Kicked off my buck season with a possible medal!

    Well after days and days of trying and what i think was about my 7th outing i finally managed to break my duck and grass a buck this morning. So far this season i have been out once if not twice most days and seen plenty of bucks but never managed to get in close enough or they were just over the boundary or were in velvet so i had been unsuccessful for one reason or another. But having seen 5 or 6 different bucks within a relatively small area of the farm i persisted to try try and try again knowing sooner or later i'd luck out and things would go my way.

    Anyway I got up this morning after what had been at most have been only 2 1/2 hours sleep so it was hard to get out of bed but i had a feeling it'd be worth it so up and got, got dress and all my stuff together and off i went. I parked up and got out the car and judging the wind to be in my favour set off the way i intend to where the field dipped away and i had seen buck in the mini valley type area and waited and watched to see what was happening as it was only just turning 6 o'clock and getting light. i sat and waited for what must have been 10 mins and heard barking and spotted a buck coming my way but not looking at me ( i noticed they had been very vocal on previous stalks) but coming my way so i watched and slowly set out the sticks and set up the rifle he came closer and closer so i assumed he must haver some how winded me. He got so close and front on but didn't present a safe shot so i just waited and he dropped back down the bank and finally presented a safe shot so i took a broad side shot and in a last ditch act of defiance he decided to jump the ditch and fall stone dead on the other side.

    I crossed the ditch that although the water was shallow but the sand/dirt at the bottom was not so shallow and i made it across to the buck and packed him in the roe sack and took him back to the other side of the ditch as i wanted to gralloch him away from the foot path and with his ungralloched weight on my back this time when i tried to ford the dyke i sank very deep indeed, far deeper than my wellys and just made it across without going a over t and did the gralloch which revealed a good chest shot then went home to get him ready to take to the farm shop.

    I am very happy as it was only my second successful solo stalk and he is one hell of a buck, my best to date and i think he could scrape a medal. What are your views?


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    i think i could possibly be happy with that buck you lucky b***** regards biker1

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    Certainly looks like he could make a medal, get him cleaned off and post some more pics, nice looking head for sure!

    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    george nice buck hope he makes a medal for you regards pete .

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    Thanks guys he looks even more impressive in the flesh, can't wait to get him cleaned up but am waiting until tomorrow when I'm a bit more rested to be doing the hard work with the knives. Just took him to the farm shop and he is the heaviest i've shot he was 48.5lbs


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    very nice buck, well done

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    Nice buck and write up George. No better feeling than a sucsessfull stalk on your own when getting going.

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    Well done possible first roe medal shot by site members this season.

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    He is a grand buck, might make Bronze ? well worth getting it mesured later this summer.

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    cheers guys would be surprised if it didn't go bronze due to its huge size, i'll post pics of clean skull tomorrow. Don't care if he doesn't as he's got a great shape, spread and length and very impressive to look at.


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