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Thread: roestalker stalking trip

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    roestalker stalking trip

    hi guy's, right before i start i,m sorry for the poor grammer and spelling through out!!!
    as some will know a new guy roestalker popped up on here advertising 4 nights b&b 3 days stalking (morning/evening) all for 390 pp for cull bucks with no hidden charges by buying the meat if you wished.well i beleive me and my mate jonny were the 1st to try him.
    as we were driving up jonny was reading the directions and spotted the name jon snowdon of greenlea and said this bloke write's for one of the big mags (sorry jon not sure which one as get my wisdom for here being a tight yorkshire man)his wife puts some game dishes in and his dog alfie got his own section,so things are looking good.
    so as we react newcastle heading for northumberland it starts snowing sideways and to make things worst jonny gets us lost. well as we get to the track that leads to jon's house it did say thet a 4x4 might be best(should say need a 4x4) luckerly we had one and as you drive down the film deliverance did get a mention lol. anyway on arrival it's hounding it down with snow and we are greeted by jon and his wife andrea and several dogs and shown to our room which had two single beds,sofa,tv,kettle and bathroom very clean and warm. jon popped in and said no point in checking zero in this lot i,ll see you at 5am. so off to pub we go!!!
    we set sail at 5 am everywhere covered in a good few inchs of snow. me and jonny are both new to stalking so we bombarding jon with questions as we travel to 1st ground, on getting there jon tells me to load my rifle and follow him with jonny behind me, well after 100 yards and 10mins we drop straight on a cull buck and a doe.the buck was coming straight towards us so we all freeze,he turns of the path in to a thinned out strip of woodland but only into edge of it,the doe was behind him so no shot was on,i was told to wait till he stepped away and slowly he did a full 20 yards away as i got him in the scopes i could only see him fuzzy so turned the zoom to min and was crystal clear jon say take him but i,m shaking like a pooing dog but finaly pulled the trigger and off he staggered. so got my 3rd deer and my 1st buck and could not stop smiling was a young 6 pointer still in velvet. this is for people wanting to learn so i was shown how to bleed it grollach it and check the glands. we then headed to some other land but draw a blank.
    that evening we headed out at 5 pm most of the snow had now gone and again us asking all manner questions on our way. jonny was lead gun and i followed behind(no gun) well on one bit of land down in a gully we spot a great 6 pointer in his full splender but we are after cull bucks so we watched him for a while the we dropped on a doe 100 yards away and whilst watching her we got treated to something specail, we were stood about 10 yards in the edge of a field when a young buck came charging up with the 6 pointer in hot persuit they went past us about 200 yards away both jumped into next field then the young buck turned and chased the 6 pointer then they changed round again and were heading straight for us.jon told jonny to get ready and as they came passed very close you could feel the wind from them jon barked at them they never even saw us both lept a fence in front of us at full pelt and carried on chasing down the river. to see that with my own eyes was unbeleivable. but we drew a blank,
    day 2 we get a lay in 5.30 start, we get to the ground we both have our rifles but jonny's lead gun i,m unloaded. after a hour of stalking jon say if i stay on this banking over looking it all it a good spot and he will take jonny and will see me in 2 hours, i saw afew does but no bucks and they got onto a buck but never got a shot at him so we drew a blank again, that evening we head out at 5 again jonny and jon go to a high seat and send me to another(they not a couple but as i had shot one jon was trying his hardest to get jonny one) well my night i ended up with 2 dogs running about so radio jon who sent me to another seat in another wood, they got onto a doe and 2 cull bucks but for the life of them could not get a good back stop,so drew a blank again and jonnys getting dis hearted.
    well day 3 and we told jon we were going home that night after stalking as i,m going on holiday to day and jonny was missing his new daughter,so jon said well what about going out at 5 am and stay out till afternoon. what a cracking idea and it payed dividens. so we gets to the ground of the lovers go(sorry jon and jonny)and i,m sent to coventry well to watch over a ride where a young buck knocks about, well after about 40mins a young buck comes tearing passed me in the field onto the ride and starts trotting down,so got my rifle ready waiting for the shot when a rabbit hops out in front off him and he's gone again over a fence and legs it acroos an open field right to the top(1000yards) were he comes to a this point i radio jon and they come upto me. i,m still watching the buck just going up and down the fence line about 600 yards long this has been going on about 30mins. so we went to the top of the woods then we had about 600yards of open field to get to cover,jonny was lead gun we used a wall/fence as best we could and the buck was coming back towards us and jon said when he goes behind that mound we will leggit so as the buck goes behind the 2012 olmpic relay team sets off and believe me i wish someone had caught it on camera. anyway we finaly get some cover and carried on stalking and used it with jons lay of the land skills to get behind the buck. he called jonny forward i stayed out of sight was not going to spook it now!!! was realy getting my breath back. well jonny pulls the trigger(35 yards) and i hear reload and wait, the buck had fell against the fence behind some brush and was dead,so jonny's turn to gralloch.
    we moved to some other ground the lovers were off and i stalked my way to a high seat, well as i sat there watching i got some company i had seen a flicker of white go behind a cluster of tree's sat and watched nothing came out so had a scan and 3 yards back a doe bum facing me,i knew it was not what i saw so went straight back to the tree's and sure enough a cull buck stepped out he was on my right hand side so put the bino,s down got the rifle stood on the steps and thought as soon as the cross hairs hit the spot i,m firing not going to let my nerves kick in, well what seemed like a split second the buck was down and the doe was gone. i reloaded and kept the scope were i had fired but could not see the buck waited 5mins and nothing so put the rifle down got binos stood on the high seat and a deer was gone right where i,d shot and could not see the deer on the ground. so radio jon, jon tells me stay there we will come to you, they came with alfie in case we had a runner,jon said right carry on as tho you are doing dsc2 and try and find it. kept stalking toward were i had shot scanning with bino's and just thinking bugger,but i spotted it when i 3 yards away was just the lay of the land,the buck had dropped on the spot 200 yards i thought i was happy as larry till jon said it 65 but still grinning. we did all the stuff again grollach glands,
    well sorry for been long winded but if wrote it all i,d have a book out we saw many more deer than what i,ve wrote about. jons knowledge of deer,from were they will be to what they will be doing is unreal.
    so a massive thanks to jon,andrea and alfie lovely host's, the stalkers breakfast was cock on, we got 3 deer in 3 day's and yeah if your a hardened stalker you might turn your nose up at that, but we were shown how to do thing from stalking to shooting, gralloching,little bit of larder work. it is what it say for people who are looking to mine and jonnys eyes worth every penny and we will be going back,
    so yesterday at 3pm we set sail back to sheffield with a boot full of venison and talk about nothing else for 3 hours than the last 3 days. so big thaks to the greenlea team (roestalker) on here. stav. p.s. were you stay at jon's place, what views are unreal well when the snow cleared. thanks again
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    Sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic time Stav, well done all of you and wel done to Jon for getting you on some bucks!!

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    Jons a top bloke, a trip to greenlee is recommended for any novice and jons always willing to answer questions.

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    Nice account of your weekend, I enjoyed reading that.

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    Thanks Stav good write up, I enjoyed the whole trip...even the sense of humour!! take a look at the June issue of Sporting Gun (out on 1st May)
    You might recognise the tale. Roestalker.

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    A good write up - -

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    Great write up i enjoyed that

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