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Thread: parker-hale 7x57

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    parker-hale 7x57

    hi there folks, dose anyone now i might pick up a parker-hale 7x57 in good condition the reason i ask is ive already dot a 243 in said rifle and it soots great.


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    May I suggest you do a web search for one. But you might like to try:-

    Fife Field Sports as they have a couple og P-H rifles advertised and one in 7x64, not quite what you asked for but may be worth a call:-

    Now if you wanted a 270 Winchester then you problem is amde much smaller as there are many more of offer just a suggestion to think about.

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    Have a look at lot 24 of Gavin Gardiner's auction being held next week.

    A Rigby finished PH in .275 complete with S&B 6x42, it looks like a lot of rifle for not a lot of money. There is also a TT Proctor 7x57 described as "very little used", but at a much higher estimate.

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    that is a great site!
    some amazing bargains on there

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    BTW there is one in the classifieds!

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    Its easy to get carried away by the low estimates at auctions. You must factor in the auction fee, and VAT on the auctioon fee.

    That said there are some great deals to be had on rifles (especially less popular calibers) if you are prepared to take the risk of buying at auction (pretty much zero come back against the auction house).

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