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Thread: Third eye mod question

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    Third eye mod question

    Hia all ive a third eye over barrel mod that came on a 243 i bought,its a four baffle mod and apparantly craig the man who makes them is now doing a five stack model but the baffles are changable so i can put five in mine but there 100 for the set,has anyone used both to make a comparison.

    Ive spoken to craig,he says the earlier four baffle was realy for a 30 cal and the five baffles are more 243 stuff and are quieter,i like the size of the mod but it just doesnt reduce noise levels as good as some others i have,so just wondered 100 is cheaper than a new mod but is it wasting money,so has anyone a new five stack mod that they are happy with or have compared cheers paul.

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    Not a great deal of help to you at the moment I know but I have both the 4 baffle and 5 baffle stacks and intend to do a side by side comparison with a sound meter when I get chance. Probably next week or the week when I get to the range. The new stacks have got more porting and Craig said they were an improvement.
    Last year I was shooting my .270 with third eye mod next to my friend who was shooting his .243 with a T8 and there was no noticeable difference in the volume of either report to our ears.

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    Mmm thanks for that yes when i spoke to craig he said they were going to be quieter becouse of the porting,and the four stack were more for 30 cal as has been said.I tried my four stack against a wildcat pred 8 and there was no contest wildcat very noticeably quieter but its nearly twice the size.

    And when i put the wildcat on my 22,250 with another thread block and compared it with a T8 and a T4AR the T4AR came out the best for size obviously and sounded quieter to us anyway,i like the size of the third eye and ime not knocking it it does work ide just like it to be a little quieter,i might delay my 100 spend until youve done your test and let me know cheers paul.

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