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    Was out lamping,on Wednesday night, and we saw cubs above ground, all be it, right on the earth. Anyone else seen cubs above ground yet??

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    Have not seen any on us. I hope that's because there are no pairs left, I think there is a litter just off us,
    Time will tell. They soon turn up when the birds arrive, that's for sure.

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    yep had the vixon on the bait station outside the house and the cubs were soon out looking for her ,strange no dog about to pick up where she left off though ?

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    Not seen any yet. I did notice a pair of foxes not wanting to leave the immediate area of a den so it won't be long before the cubs appear.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ksb View Post
    Not seen any yet.
    Same here - mind you, I shot two pregnant vixens on March 11th, so I think they must be breeding late around here this year.

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