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Thread: Marathon

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    Hello All,

    Firstly, I would like to thank the SD Team for putting this on their site.

    I am heading back to Afghanistan this year, in the very near future, it is my intention to run a Marathon while over there (in one go) to raise some money for this worthy cause.

    It is only in the very beginning of the planning phase, as I don't know what the date will be as I don't know what I'll be doing at any one time, but I plan to train for it so I can do it at the "Drop of a hat", so to speak.

    I would like to ask Fellow Members on this site for donations, both Cash and Items, I will run a small Auction along side of this, but don't want that to be the main feature.

    Once I am settled in Afghanistan and have a clearer idea of when this is likely to take place, I will post on here.

    Please don't PM, Admin/Sikamalc/JAYB, about this, all correspondence will be through me, The SD team have agreed to let me use this site to spread the word about this event, they are not running it.

    This is no way linked to the March and Shoot event and is only linked to The Stalking Directory to publicise the event.

    Thanks again to the Admin Team for this.



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    You have a PM


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    Stu (Tartinjock)

    Having only met you the once at the CLA last year, You came across as a good and honest person, with a true love for stalking and deer.

    I for one am fully behind what you are doing, in the respect of raising money for our service men and women. And also for you and your service to our country. God speed, keep you safe and we all look forward to your safe return home. There is a place for you in Scotland when you get back, just get back safely.

    Oh and by the way GIVE EM HELL!!!

    My very best wishes to you and your family


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    you'd better be doing it in full kit!

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    Good luck TJ. Stay safe.

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    very well put sikamalc

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    Good luck TJ, you can count on my donation when the time comes.

    Keep us posted and most importantly, come home safely.


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    I will give you some cash for doing that,

    all the best and keep safe.


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    Stu, The welfare of our soldiers is an issue that is all too often overlooked.
    I do 'give as you earn' through my work & as H4H is a registered charity, I will write you out a charity cheque when you require it.
    I'm sure I can stretch to at least 20. Danny

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    Top Man.
    Be sure to let us all know how we can support you in this.

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