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Thread: BSA 22hornet

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    BSA 22hornet

    ok tinking of selling my BSA 22hornet as it just seams to sit in my cabinate and i need to fund other progects id get more use out of
    il get some pics up just wateing for my cam batt to charge

    the blueing is spot on and id say the wood work is in good condition it will come with a hawke scope that is brand new and mounted to the gun

    like i say il put more pics up asap

    looking for 450 for the lot includeing lether strap

    ATB TIMClick image for larger version. 

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    still trying to fund new projects so the hornets still for sale 300 with the norm of RFD to RFD or face to face

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    These are a very good action and sought after if the barrel is good.
    You might like to try advertising on and or pigeonwatch, both of which are free but you need to post a few times before being able to advertise.
    Best of luck selling it.
    There is also a bsa owners club I think primarily for air rifles but with a firearms section on it as well, but after a brief search I can't find it.

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    cheers jack il have a look other wise its to the gun shop to see what they can offer

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    Sadly I am unable to do much however better photos might help as would saying which model BSA it is.

    The first models the Hunter are often marked so on the left wall of the action. Later model are not marked so and became the Regent model. The serial number prefix should help. if it's 1A or 1B then it should be a Hunter in .22 Hornet.

    If it's 1C or C1 then it's a Regent in .22 Hornet.

    Also early models did not have the recoil stud dimple/hollow in the rear bridge.

    Hope that helps.

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    hi brit the serial numbers are on the right hand sid and are. C 1B2158 Dont no y the C is stamped a bit away from the rest but it is

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    Is the BSA still for sale? Let me know I may be interested

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    If still for sale give me a ring please or text me on 07802 968800 Darren

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