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Thread: Wild boar for sport/ meat

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    Wild boar for sport/ meat

    You want to become a trade member then you can advertise, but not before.
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    Quote Originally Posted by munsterlander View Post
    Wild boar 45/70kg + , live or for sporting purposes. 6.50 kg.

    PM if intrested.
    Sorry - Probably me being dense. What exactly is on offer here?

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    I would guess live wildboar. What you chose to do with them after purchase is up to you

    Any free samples

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    That does not answer the question Munsterlander. What are you offering? Farmed wild boar that you just walk up to and shoot or are you offering actual wild running wild boar for shooting?

    Very cagey post and very unclear as to what you actually have or are offering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by munsterlander View Post
    Sporting day out, or meat .You choose.
    It appears you are advertising. Further attempts and you will be banned I am afraid. Admin have made it perfectly clear in the site rules which have been in place for a long time. So ignorance is no excuse!!

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    Thanks for the mail. Just offering some meat or sport , there is NO commercial gain. Thank you for the offer.

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