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Thread: Help for Heroes, H4H

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    Help for Heroes, H4H

    SD has always fully supported any initiative that allowed our members to show their gratitude to the men and women of our armed services. We had a March and Shoot section however the members who ran it now longer frequent this site.

    As many of you will know our own Tartin Jock, TJ, Stu, or whatever name you know him by will be off to Afghanistan next month, March. It is his intention whilst there to run a marathon in aid of H4H, he will also be posting photographs of just what it is like out there and keeping us updated in general. All this of course relies heavily on the co-operation of the people who will be shooting at him and his workmates.

    He will be looking for sponsorship for his marathon and any other projects he can think of so please when the time comes do not be shy.

    The Admin at SD are pleased to be able to offer TJ the platform from which to launch his efforts, and equally pleased he chose us as his location of choice. It now only remains for us to wish TJ good luck with the marathon and above all a safe tour in Afghanistan for him and his pals and good luck with the Doe season, he will be away for the Bucks.

    The Admin Team

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    Hello Guys,
    I am ex mil (infantry) 23 years, my son is a platoon sgt and has done iraq/afghan, and is going again soon. I have built a new range etc and have been putting a wee plan to-gether for some time to hopefully organise a marksmanship day, full bore archery clays air gun stand etc plus barbi hopefully some time in august. It will be 50/50 completely to H for H and a charity to enable disabled people to go to lourdes. any advice?who do i contact from H for H etc. The venue will be in central scotland good access from the motorways etc.

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    Hi Brian,
    It's simply a matter of organising the event yourself and registering it on the H4H website. H4H will then get back to you at some time offer support and put you in contact with the county fund raiser for your area. When you register you will be given an event registration number and details of how to deposit any monies raised.
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