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Thread: 'O' Tom tick removers 4.75 posted

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    'O' Tom tick removers 4.75 posted

    I have 6 packs of these available at 4.75 posted. Payment by BACS (or possibly PayPal if you pay their fee), or cash on collection if you are local.

    They are the best tick remover bar none. I have taken off best part of a hundred ticks from the tick magnet that is my little Springer with the 'O' Tom, all of them successfully. Before I found the 'O' Tom's I had tried the stainless steel Vee tool and the loop thing and the hook end tweezers none of which come close.

    Have a look on the 'O' Tom site they had/have a really good illustration showing how the twist and no pull system is so effective because of the barbed configuratiuon of the tick mouth parts...the barbs wrap around the tube and enable it to come out cleanly when you twizzle.


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    Hi mate i'll have a pack.
    Let me know how much with postage and paypal fee


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    I must admit I could not work out from the Paypal site whether there would be a fee if your paypal account works your bank account, it may only do if it works with your credit card. It was 20p plus a couple of percent I think.

    Any way I think I can generate an invoice on the paypal site and send it to your email address or you can generate a payment to my email address.

    Maybe you or someone else has experience to share?

    I will send you a PM with my email address as a starter.


    PS I have just been told that if you send it to my email address as a gift there are no fees. Alan
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    I'll have one please. Whereabouts in Glos are you?

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    @Flyingfisherman and Russian Sniper, caught this morning's post first class...should be with you oooh anytime this month!

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    Got em this morning mate!
    Are royal mail finally getting their act together??


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    Hi mate,
    I'll have a pack. PM me your email and I will send the money over.
    I can speak in-depth and with great knowledge about most subjects until some bugger who actually knows what he is speaking about opens his gob .

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    @ Ferretmanabu posted yesterday am first class but I think I missed the first post.
    @The Singing Stalker PM sent

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    Got them in the post yesterday morning. Thanks.

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