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Thread: A Nice Find in a spotting scope

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    A Nice Find in a spotting scope

    I traveled to Sheridan, Wyoming today to attend a dinner for a friend's daughter and while waiting for the women-folk to get done browsing a local quilt shop, my friend and I went to a local pawn shop. In the bottom of one of the show cases there was an old spotting scope. It turned out to be a Bauch and Lomb 15X - 60X x 60MM spotting scope with an 25M to Infinity parallax adjustment. It was old, heavy and clear as a day. With the shop owners permission I walked it out to the curb and glassed the peaks of the Big Horn Mountains as a test and the image was amazingly clear and distinct. The price was $169 US but I got it for half that. This evening, after sundown, I found the scope threw light into the darkened vales I glassed. My old Bushnell spotting scope has about had it. I was glad to stumble across this vintage bit of shooting glass.~Muir

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    Nice find.................... .

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    Thanks. It's getting its first range test today. I put it on a tripod a few minutes ago and in the early light I can see nail heads in my neighbors' shed a "fer piece away".~Muir

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