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    Zeiss Conquest

    Has anyone got a Zeiss Conquest 4.5-14x50 scope, how good are they, i was thinking of purcahsing a second hand one with target turrets and Zeiss No.4 reticle. This will replace a Sightron Big sky 3.5-10x50 which is a very good scope in its own right.

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    I have a Conquest 6.5-20x50 plex reticle target turrets on my foxing rifle, it's a cracking scope, great light gathering and lamping scope, i would say it's even better than a Sightron S111 in my opinion, i personally think the NO.4 reticle is a bit on the thick side for long distance shots, hence the reason i got the plex reticle

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    As about I had a no4 ret conquest in the past. Was a great scope for foxing under lamp. But ret is to thick for
    Long range vermint and targets. It covers them.

    So I sold it and got the same model in z plex 6.5x20x50. Also got the 4.5x14x50 with same zplex ret.
    Imo they offer the best performance for price and features. Being 25 mm tube make them nice and light to.
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    I bought one and was disapointed with it, I didn't think it lived up to the Zeiss name, after a short test on my HMR I sold it on.

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    what was wrong with it you found mark ?

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    Bought a 6.5-20x50 plex with target turrets a few years ago. Bought another last year and would even like to have a third.
    I don't think there is any other scope on the market that can match. Simplicity, optics, weight and price.
    Had a guest over two weekends ago who shot my rifles, he even admitted that these scopes are lovely hunting/varmint scopes.
    (This Guest was heavily involved in designing the Leica Magnus scope)

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    There was a interesting review of a Conquest, Minox and Meopro on the Opticstalk forum, the Meopro looked very good and at around 450 for the 6/18x50 might be worthwhile considering, i looked through the 3/9 in a local dealers and thy are very good.

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