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Thread: Thrilling Thirlmere

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    Thrilling Thirlmere

    Far be it from me to comment on the BASC's knowledge of deer, but on page 114 of the new 'Shooting for Conservation magazine' they have a picture at the bottom left of page entitled 'A young red hind'. To me it looks like 'A mature Roe Doe'! What do you people think?

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    dead right

    You are correct of course.

    they should have had us doing that job at marfood mill then cock ups like this wouldn't happen.

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    I'm a BASC member for the insurance and the legal advice. I don't really bother with any of their regional clubs or events because it all seems rather clicky and false. I may be wrong but I feel that sometimes they really are loosing the plot!
    Its a stupid mistake and shows that their knowledge of deer isn't what it should be!

    I really do prefer this site for socialising and getting information. I certainly meet and talk to people from all walks of life, some of which I wouldn't normally associate with in normal life. And I think that they would all know a Roe Doe if they saw one!

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    It's nice to see others agree, If i saw i yound hide like that one - i would have to shoot it on humanitarian grounds alone ! Admitedly the print / photo is not exactly sharp .The BDS is not a shooting organisation realy but i often wish it was. Perhaps that is what is needed today a stalkers society.
    Don't know about others but i think the .22 thing that BASC supported and came in was wrong. We already have .243 fox / deer rifles - any who consider .22 safer are taking dodgy shots ( logic dictates it is bound to result in more wounders ) this can only lead to some no little F.E.O refusing to grant a new stalker a sufficiently heavy calibre for the job.
    Like most i know Scotish lads who have taken Larger deer clean with neck shots with .222 as the temptation is too great for some - the same will occur here

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    not sure if you realy mean the BDS had did this article as this is in a basc mag and thirlmere is run by basc or you hav had to much red wine?

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    sorry i meant i would just support BDS and leave BASC. I do feel we need a single stong body to protect our rights however.
    BDS did not support smaller calibres BASC did - BAD move BASC i forsee a lot of fools injuring a lot of deer with varmint bullets
    Appoligies it wasn't the wine twas the Wiskey !

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    I must admit to prefering larger calibres on small deer. I used my 308 156 grain BT on a Muntjac Buck this morning and found it very satisfactory. Its been mentioned by Sikamalc before, Muntjac are tough sods, skins like a Rhino.

    Yes we need a better and larger organisation to look after our deer and deer hunters needs.

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    Agree with Beowulf re Munties needing enough power. The reason being they are usually found in or near thick cover and they are buggers to find if you don't stop them in their tracks. I had a wood in Northants that was totally overgrown and full of them. Once they got off the ride it was a real problem finding them.
    Also feel that the foxers ,some of whom are pretty questionable, will use it as a licence to have a pop at anything that shows itself.

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    i agree beowulf for president just stay of kents whisky as for the munty stopping power a must spent alot of time looking for dead munties that hav run usualy into rape or thick woodland

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    Thanks for your vote of confidence gentlemen! I think that the Bucks skin is thicker than the Does. It was like cutting through industrial strength lino. This little chap had some excellent war scars and was built like a tank!
    I couldn't find the bullet entry wound until I'd carried out a full Gralloch and even then it looked like a button hole on a shirt.
    I really think that these little fellas need the full nine yards when it comes to shooting them. I aim tight up to the crease of the front leg and let the 308 do the rest. the front legs fold and the rest of the body weight follows.

    I'm really surprised with just how much meat there is on the ribs, back and neck too! Muntjac are the Jason Leonards of the deer world.

    The Barn Owl was there again today, swooping over me. It was such a perfect morning it really was. Made going into work just bearable!

    I think that we happy few are very lucky to enjoy such a nobel pass time. No one at work would understand my fascination of deer, they are more interested in 'Celeb Big Brother in the Jungle X factor'! Bloody infidels.

    Stoney mate, I'm on the Calvados!

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