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Thread: ATV Broadcaster / Spinner.

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    ATV Broadcaster / Spinner.

    Just wondered if anyone on here had ever made or attempted to make a broadcaster/spinner for feeding pheasants on a quad or similar. Any ideas, pics or plans would much appreciated.

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    yes used an old slug pelleter needed filling up all the time ,so i got the bosses old sheep snacker this dumps not spins much better as you can see whats missing when you come round next day ,may still av the old pelleter somewhere !

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    We use one of the old automatic/electric feeder hoppers.
    Holds about six bags of wheat, bolted some legs on to it, which in turn is bolted or strapped on the back of the quad trailer.
    Just made up a bit of a chute off the back, it leaves more of a trail than full on spreading, it seems easier for birds to find plus you can see how much has gone.

    It leaves us room to put about another six bags of corn in the front of the trailer too.
    Just run a lead from the quad to motor with a switch on the quad.

    The beauty is it can be taken off the trailer in two minutes and ready for filling hoppers or other jobs.

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    Attachment 14361

    found it in the nettles after foot and mouth i did shut the inside shoot down a bit as it was dropping too much out per drop. it manages about a cereal bowl full per drop .

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    Cheers Norma / Nick
    A slug pelleter like the pic would be perfect i'll have to keep an eye out .

    I was hoping to make something that will broadcast the wheat a bit. I always think a bit of hide and seek for the food keeps them entertained longer, rather than full belly and then wander.

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    i may be able to help at work we have a pelleter that we converted to spread salt with, but didnt work salt kept bridging over over outlet in hopper, but would be ok with wheat you can ring me on tuesday on 01449675071 if interested.
    Give instruction to a wise man and he will be yet wiser

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    Cheers Keith i will be in touch.

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    You could modify a slug spreader in such a way that the corn trickles out onto a round 6" diameter metal or plastic plate with several radial rib welds or raised ridges (Solway sell a spinner plate), with a 12v motor powering it underneath - try - I used the NQ34 14.75. Wire it up to a 12v power source with an in line switch and as mine will spread 15 plus feet.

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    for a kubota , get the motor and spinner head from solway , make a plywood box that drops into the back but shape the far end like the bow of a boat so it over hangs your tailgate and fit your spinner in here . Make your box high enough to get enough feed in and bolt it in place , as you spin your feed you can lift your tipper back as you go . Hope that clear enough

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    Thanks going back and trouble very helpfull although i don't have the luxury of a Kubota only an ATV.
    I am contemplating using a wiper motor and disk as you describe with perhaps a 30 litre barrell above. To regulate the flow i would double skin the bottom with holes that can be lined up for varying flow and placement on the speader disc. Just not sure if a wiper motor will run fast enough for a small disc?

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