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Thread: out for a sunday morning walk

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    out for a sunday morning walk

    According to JOHN CRAVEN countryfile
    if you see some men with dogs /guns on a sunday morning walking in the countryside then chances are they are badger baiters /diggers .

    i used to like john on news round but a statement like that is somewhat stupid john !

    so watch out boys the general public have been warned about folk in the countryside with gun and dogs !!

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    Great. Thanks John, just what we needed.

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    Easy answer. ring and get a log number before you start.
    It's accuracy that kills.

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    Fisher, you will still get the helicopter and armed response, they have trouble getting there act together .

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    He was guide on this one by the RSPCA this is were the large organisations should step in and tell them how stupid that statement is and how much it could cost the tax payer. GOD I HATE THE RSPCA

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    Did you expect anything else from the craven? Just make sure you are not carrying a black and white bag on your walk with the gun and dogs!

    Not a badger fan but no need for baiting, cruel f*****s!

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    With people like Bill Oddie and John Craven on telly what hope has Joe Public got!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tartan_Terrier View Post
    It probably won't help much, but you could always leave a comment on their website about it.

    What if we all leave comments on there

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    Quote Originally Posted by jonty h View Post
    What if we all leave comments on there
    Good idea! I'd be happy to comment if I'd actually seen the clip.

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